What is Ground Floor?

Beyond normalizing, but not super-stylized-HTML either:

Ground Floor is the prettying up of HTML tags so that even if you never add a single class, or touch a line of CSS your HTML won't look like a jumble of browser presets or bland looking text.

HTML Styling

From headings to tables, forms to HTML5 elements, Ground Floor standardizes and lightly extends basic styling for many HTML elements.

Basic Classes

While the point of this framework is to give basic styling to HTML without the need for CSS knowledge, for those that do have a basic knowledge of CSS, and want to add just a bit extra to their websites, here are a few basic classes with examples.

A Floor Up...

Ground Floor is derived from Brass Tacks, a HTML5, OOCSS framework built with Sass.

Use the HTML & CSS
for your own website:

Starter HTML

Starter CSS

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